Friday, October 30, 2015

Tutoring Business Opportunities (part 2 of 2)

You could be the tutors, or you could hire qualified tutors.  When hiring tutors, make sure that they have the proper credentials and have the proper degree.  Most students would require assistance in technical subjects like math, chemistry or physics.  So make sure that the tutors you’re hiring fit the description.

Another good idea when hiring tutors is come up with a plan that would define your course offerings.  For example, you could have tutors that would handle Math since they teach and are good on the subject.  While you could have other tutors focusing or handling students on other subjects.  You could even divide the subject into different levels.  Like math subjects, you could have those that specialize in elementary, junior, high school math.  If you could not handle the range, then you can just define first what would be your teaching field.  You can think about expanding later on.

You tutoring business’s success relies, of course on the scope of your marketing.  Word-of-mouth is your best help in promoting your service.  There is a concept widely used in the business world nowadays,  they employ a basic concept.  Imagine this, a satisfied customer would spread the news of the good service, while an unsatisfied customer would talk about their bad experience with others, twice as much as the satisfied customer.  This could also be your guiding principle in promoting your tutoring services.

Other marketing strategies could include posting on school bulletins, local grocery stores, or you can post it other after-school venues, like dance, gymnastic schools or parks.  There are different places to put your credentials and course offerings.  Make sure that your flyers and posters would include your teaching experience, subjects you would like to tutor and contact number.

You could also notify the school of your services.  You could inform school staff or teachers about it.  It would be best to provide your resume so that they will know that you are keen on offering quality tutoring service.

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